Netizens React to the Match Between Hiba Qadir and Arez Ahmed

Her real name is Hiba Qadir, but Hiba Bukhari is the name most people know her by. She is a talented actress and model in the entertainment business. She is known for her work in dramas on TV.

Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed’s work in Jori has been praised and loved by many fans. The couple just got married, and their fans are amazed by how dedicated they are to each other, not just for one project but for life. Fans get a lot of joy from seeing them together on different occasions.

When they went to dinner together, they both wore blue striped shirts. Here they are wearing plain shirts that are the same as each other.

Some of the time, this couple kept their cool behind the curtain. People thought they were together before, but they never confirmed it. Hiba Bukhari often talks with his followers on Instagram. The fact that she knew Arez Ahmed was clear from her Instagram question-and-answer session.

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