Negative comments were made about my daughters in relation to the statement

Lahore: Actress Sahiba says that negative comments were made about my sons in relation to the statement.

In an interview, Sahiba, a senior actress in films and TV, said that not having daughters was not only heavily criticized online but also affected her career and her sons received negative prayers as well.

Sahiba further stated that the concept of expressing gratitude for not having daughters was misunderstood. This statement was made considering the current situations and the problems faced by daughters. Even today, society does not allow daughters to fulfill their desires. If they want to pursue education, their morale is shattered, and if they want to become doctors, obstacles are placed in their path.

During the interview, Sahiba’s husband, Raimbo, mentioned that even before the birth of their children, Sahiba used to cry thinking about having daughters because as a mother, she couldn’t bear the pain and suffering that daughters go through with bravery.

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