Naimal Khawar Reveals Stylish New Hairstyle in Latest Selfie

Naimal Khawar Khan, a former actor and wife of a prominent star, has captured attention with her latest mirror selfie showcasing her stylish new summer hairstyle, which has quickly gone viral on social media.

On Friday, Naimal Khawar took to her photo and video-sharing account to share a picture, treating her fans to a glimpse of her bangs-adorned hairstyle. The celebrity accompanied the post with the caption “Back with the bangs,” along with a moon face emoji.

The mirror selfie, seemingly taken at a salon, features Naimal Khawar in an elegant all-white western top, effortlessly displaying her freshly cut locks.

The viral post has received an outpouring of love from her followers, with numerous likes and compliments flooding the comments section. Notably, A-list actor Maya Ali was also seen praising Naimal’s new look, commenting, “Very pretty, MashALLAH.”

For those unaware, Naimal Khawar Khan has been married to showbiz heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi since 2019. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Mustafa Abbasi, in 2020.

Despite her brief stint in the acting industry, Khawar maintains a significant presence on social media and enjoys a large following on Instagram. She frequently shares heart-melting glimpses of their adorable toddler, delighting her fans.


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