Naeem Haque Shares His Experience of Being Rejected by Humayun Saeed for a Role

During a show, actor Naeem Haque revealed that he studied acting in India after being inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster film ‘Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. His interest in Bollywood acting led him to seek his teacher, Sajda Windal, to arrange for his admission to Anil Kapoor’s acting school in India, where he hoped to study under the best.

Despite the challenges of traveling to India and obtaining admission to the institution, Haque was grateful for the opportunity to attend the school at a collegiate level with the support of his teacher. While he initially found it challenging, the daily six hours of acting instruction at the academy proved to be highly beneficial for him.

After returning from India, Haque approached Humayun Saeed to express his desire to collaborate on dramas, citing his recently acquired acting abilities. However, Saeed declined his request, stating that he had just completed his studies and lacked sufficient experience. Despite this setback, Haque remained determined to showcase his acting prowess and prayed for an opportunity to work with Saeed in the future.

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