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Must have a wife: Salman eager for marriage

Bollywood Dabangg star Salman Khan says that all his previous girlfriends were good but it was his fault, which is why he is still unmarried at the age of 57.

Salman Khan was asked a question about not getting married in an Indian TV show, to which Salman Khan replied that he should have had a wife when the superior wanted.

Salman Khan continued his talk and said that two people are needed for marriage, the first time I did not get married, when I agreed to marry, I got a negative answer from the front and when the front one answered yes. Then I refused and now the answer is no from both places, if it is yes then the marriage will take place.

He further said that this is the reason why I am unmarried even at the age of 57. He also said that there should be a wife.

During the interview, Salman Khan also said that all the previous girlfriends were good, when two or four girlfriends left me, I felt it was my fault.

Salman Khan added, “I think he was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep him happy in life, so I’m sure everyone is happy wherever they are.”

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