Model Hasnain Lehri Addresses Allegations Made by Nimra Jacob

Model Hasnain Lehri Addresses Allegations Made by Nimra Jacob

An incident at a recent fashion show involving models Hasnain Lehri and Nimra Jacob has attracted significant attention on social media. Following the altercation, Nimra Jacob came forward to share her side of the story, and now Hasnain Lehri has spoken up to offer his perspective on the viral fight.

During an interview, Hasnain disputed the allegations of physical abuse made by Nimra. He maintained that it was Nimra who instigated the conflict, contradicting her account of the incident. Hasnain emphasized the values upheld by his family, stating that they do not involve themselves in such trivial matters.

According to Hasnain, the altercation began when Nimra accidentally bumped into him while walking on the runway. This led to Nimra confronting him and attempting to lecture him on proper walking techniques. The situation escalated into a heated argument, during which Hasnain claims Nimra disrespected his late father.

Hasnain mentioned that there were several witnesses to the incident, including event organizers and a choreographer, who informed him about Nimra’s history of unprofessional behavior. Both Hasnain Lehri and Nimra Jacob have previously walked the ramp for various designers and have been associated with numerous clothing brands.

The conflicting accounts from both parties have sparked discussions among their followers and the fashion industry as a whole. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the matter will be resolved and what further actions may be taken.

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