Mikaal Zulfiqar’s Favorite Bollywood Actress

Mikaal Zulfiqar began his career as a model before he moved to acting. He is currently one of the most prominent men in Pakistani dramas. He is primarily viewed as the handsome, respectful husband and son of our leading lady. Mikaal is now part of Fraud and Choraha. He has become a good person even in Choraha.

Mikaal’s career has been varied. He has been to India several times and has worked in Bollywood movies with Akshay Kumar. Mikaal was on Hasna Mana Hai as a guest when an audience member started to talk. Tabish Hashmi asked Mikaal which actress was his favorite on the show. He listed some people well-known for their good work in this field.

Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan are his favorites, he said. He isn’t a fan anymore of Kareena though.

Sonali Bendre is his favourite Bollywood actress. Mikaal has been a faithful follower of hers since he was a young boy. She is his favourite Bollywood actress.

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