Mehwish Hayat wrote a note to her sister Afsheen on her birthday that was full of love.

Mehwish Hayat, a well-known Pakistani actress, has written a birthday message for her sister, Afsheen Hayat, on social media. They have a very close relationship.

Taken to Instagram, the actor from Punjab, Nahi Jaungi, has written her an emotional and heartfelt note. People are amazed at how strong their friendship is.

The 39-year-old actor shared a picture of herself and her sister that made her heart melt.


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A post shared by Mehwish Hayat (@mehwishhayatofficial)

Apart from being my best friend and my sister, you are also my most trustworthy friend and have been a great teacher. It doesn’t matter where I go as long as you hold my finger. I’ve always tried to follow in your footsteps and make you proud of what I have done. It’s you who have kept me safe from all the things that could have hurt me and kept my flaws safe. I am more than lucky to have you as a big, impenetrable wall in my life.

So many times, we laughed together and helped each other when we were down. You made all of my childhood memories happy and fun because you were there for me, Mehwish said.

She said, “Thank you for all the magic you’ve brought into my life.” As you look forward to a bright future, may it be filled with happiness and fun! I love you to the moon and back. Hayat. “Happy Birthday to the best sister I could ever ask for! I love you! “

Also, her co-star Sadaf Kanwal added heart emoticons to the post.

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