Mehar Bano is a friend of Feroze Khan’s ex-wife following their divorce

Since news of his separation was spread extensively on social media platforms, Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan are the topic of conversation.

The online community condemned the actor and shamed him for the situation. They claimed that he’s uncaring flirty, rude, and rude man who pries off all and everything to make money for himself.

This actor has been in the news due to the ex-wife of his Aliza Sultan Khan made a public statement about their violent, turbulent four-year marriage. She admitted that she had faced domestic violence. She claimed that their children caused her into divorce as she did not want to be raising children in a dangerous setting.

In her Instagram account the former wife of Feroze Khan has revealed that the actor had been inflicting pain on her, and she was forced to make a decision to protect her children.

Aliza has also stated that she’s been in a relationship that is toxic with him for quite a while.

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