Mashal Khan says that show business is bad because it promotes favouritism.

Mashal Khan is a beautiful actress from Pakistan who works on TV. She rose to prominence as a result of the hit drama series Suno Chanda.The performer became famous all over the world thanks to her hit TV show, Suno Chanda. Mashal also worked on the films Saya and Khuwab Nagar ki Shehzadi, which got good reviews. Well, her most recent play, Pyari Mona, has been praised.

The Fourth Umpire Show, in which actors Suno Chanda and Fahad Mustafa recently appeared with Fahad Mustafa, made fun of the way show business promotes family ties.

Fahad Mustafa asked Mashal, “What is important to get the main role in the drama?” Mashal said, “Nepotism is needed in the industry to get a lead role.”

Then Fahad Mustafa gave her three options: relationships, following him on social media, or buttering. She said that to get a lead role, you need strong relationships.

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