Mansha Pasha’s husband and friends help her celebrate her birthday.

Mansha Pasha, who was born in Hyderabad in 1987 and is a very skilled artist, has been a fashion icon for 33 years. Who would have thought that a girl with average looks could become a supermodel or actress with a lot of success? We’re here to watch Mansha Pasha, who is also known as Mansha Jibran, keep doing great things in her career. Farooqui, her first husband, and Mansha split up in 2018, as far as we know. During her life, she was married twice.

In a very unique and elegant nikkah ceremony, she remarries Jibran Nasir, who has a political background and works for human rights. Mansha said in a tweet a while ago that she is lucky to be with someone who is caring and responsible, and that she realised how important he was to her after they got married in a simple nikkah ceremony.

In her beautiful pictures, she looked beautiful next to her real-life dream partner. She also talked about how bad things were in Karachi during Eid and shared a short video from this holiday. People gave up on their plans because of how bad things were in the city of lights. Look at the beautiful pictures of Mansha. She looks amazing in every outfit.

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