‘Mani and my friend used to like each other,’ Hira explained the old statement

Actress Hira Mani has clarified her past statement regarding her husband Salman Saqib aka Mani.

Recently Hara and Mani participated in a private TV program in which host Nida Yasir asked Hara ‘I was watching an interview of yours. That he was my friend’s fiance, after that you were trolled a lot on social media, so what was the story?

In response Hara said ‘Nada, if you watch that show, I did not say fiancee, I said that Mani was my friend’s friend’.

In response of the actress, Nada immediately said that ‘Yes, I mistakenly said fiancee, you said friend’.

Hara Mani explained and added, ‘There was no engagement or anything else between the two of them, Samina Pirzada asked, so I shared it anyway’.

The actress added that ‘I think it’s not a big deal, everyone has their own personal life and no one can be like everyone else, everyone has their own personality, marriage is never where we want it to be’. .

On this Mani said that at that time I was talking to many other girls including her (Hara’s friend)’.

It should be noted that four years ago Hara Mani told Samina Pirzada in an interview that my friend and Mani liked each other, and I was a big fan of Mani.

Hara revealed that at that time she was also in a relationship with a banker and they were going to get married soon, but she secretly took out Mani’s number from the friend’s mobile and started chatting with him.

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