Mahira Khan and Will Smith will share the screen in Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s next film?

Mahira Khan, who appeared in Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’s film, is believed to be joining Will Smith for Sharmeen Obaid-upcoming Chinoy movie, Brilliance. Obaid-Chinoy was nominated for this film’s direction.

FilmUpdates, a Twitter account says the actress from Pakistan is in talks to appear in a film about “special gifts” people.

In the meantime, no word has been given about whether the Pakistani actress will be appearing in the film.

Obaid-Chinoy has teamed up with Paramount Pictures in order to produce a movie version Brilliance by Marcus Sakey.

Smith will join the team as his company Westbrook Studios is producing the movie.

The film’s premise is based on Marcus Sakey’s novel:

“If 1% were to be born with powerful gifts, how would society adapt? The novel trilogy Brilliance is set in a future when non-neurotypical individuals – often called “twists” and “abnorms by society – threaten the status quo with their unique gifts.

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