Lokesh Kanagaraj’s next would star Vijay as a 40-year-old criminal; Kamal Haasan may join him.

After Master, Thalapathy Vijay will work with Lokesh Kanagaraj on Thalapathy 67. We have an exclusive update on this gangster drama set to begin filming by the end of the year. According to our sources, Vijay will play a role closer to his age.

“He’s a 40-year-old thug.” While there are flashbacks to Vijay’s youth, most of the film is set in his 40s. His appearance will be like Rajinikanth’s Baasha. Vijay will look different in this film. Vijay is anxious to explore his darker side in the untitled film, a source said.

Lokesh Kanagaraj is constructing a bigger universe for his LCU universe, which revolves around agents and gangsters. “Since he’s portraying a gangster, he wants to include Vijay.” Thalapathy 67 contains some Kaithi and Vikram characters, but there are many formalities, and Lokesh is waiting for consent from all the stakeholders before locking the final draught. SR Prabhu and Raaj Kamal Productions are produced by SR Prabhu and Raaj Kamal Productions, respectively, “additional source

Lokesh proposes a universe with 2 gangsters, a crew of agents, and a prisoner. If legal procedures allow, he has another vibrant, multilayered persona in mind. “The source said that Lokesh wants a prominent Hindi actor for the role.

Thalapathy 67, Kaithi 2, Vikram 3, and others are forthcoming Lokesh films. Vikram, his most recent film, is expected to be Tamil Nadu’s highest-grossing film ever. Pinkvilla has updates.

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