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Kriti Sanon Opens Up About the Inspiration Behind ‘Blue Butterfly Films’

Kriti Sanon Reveals the Inspiration Behind ‘Blue Butterfly Films’

Kriti Sanon, the renowned Bollywood actress, recently unveiled her production house, Blue Butterfly Films, sparking curiosity about the connection between the name and late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. To shed light on the matter, Kriti took to her YouTube channel and shared a vlog explaining the inspiration behind the name.

In the video, Kriti expressed her fondness for butterflies and the color blue, which led to the selection of the name. For her, blue butterflies symbolize dreams, wings, freedom, positivity, and happiness. She sees the butterfly as a representation of transformation, mirroring her own journey in the film industry, where she has evolved and grown to become the best version of herself.

In the vlog’s caption, Kriti wrote, “Learnt everything on the job. I’ve slowly gotten to where I am today, evolved into the person I am today. You have your struggles, you move, you grow, you change, and then you find the best, the most beautiful version of yourself, and then you fly. So, that’s why it is Blue Butterfly.”

Kriti’s debut project as a producer under Blue Butterfly Films is the film “Do Patti,” featuring the talented actress Kajol in the lead role. This collaboration holds a special place in Kriti’s heart as it marks her entry into the production realm. She expressed her excitement about reuniting with Kajol after nearly eight years since their last film together, “Dilwale.”

With the support of esteemed writer Kanika Dhillon and a partnership with Netflix, Kriti is eagerly looking forward to embarking on this magical journey. The release of “Do Patti” is highly anticipated as Kriti takes on the role of producer, continuing to contribute her talents to the world of cinema.

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