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Kajol says that knitting and putting on makeup at the same time is “multitasking at its best.”

Kajol shows how she knits while getting ready in a video from her cosmetics application. In the video, you can see the actress crocheting while she puts on her makeup. She called it “doing a lot at once.” Her admirers admired her talent.

Kajol posted a video of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Hair, makeup, laughter, and a hobby… Multitasking done right! She said that hashtags include “I do it all,” “having a good time,” and “women’s club.” The actor is seen wearing maroon and knitting without even looking at the needles.

Someone who liked the video wrote, “Oh my God!” Sister, how do you do this?” Another person said, “You have all these gifts, ma’am.” “I adore you so. ” “And she keeps knitting!” said another supporter. Someone else wrote, “Wow, that’s fast, and she doesn’t even have to look!” A fan gave her the nickname “Multitasking Queen.” “All hands on deck!” was said in another comment. Children don’t wear knitted clothes any more, so someone else said, “Today’s kids don’t wear knitted clothes, so maybe we should buy them in advance.” (She must be knitting ahead of time for her grandson.) “Still a good idea and a fun thing to do.”

Kajol sometimes gives sneak peeks at the dresses, shirts, and sweaters she is going to wear.

Kajol plays the single mother of a very sick son in the most recent movie, Salaam Venky. Revathy, a southern actor, was in charge of making the movie. It opened on December 9 of last year.

She will now be in the new online show, “The Good Wife. It is an Indian version of the same name courtroom drama that stars Julianna Margulies in the United States. In 2016, the show’s seven seasons came to an end. In the movie, Kajol will play a housewife who goes back to work as a lawyer after her husband is sent to jail because of a scandal. The series is directed by Supan Verma, and it will be shown on Disney+.

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