Kajol Admits: I Felt Resemblance to a Horse While Filming “Jaati Hoon Main” Song

Kajol spilled the beans about her time shooting the groovy song “Jaati Hoon Main” from the blockbuster movie “Karan Arjun.” She couldn’t help but gush about how Shah Rukh Khan was her rock throughout the whole filming journey, supporting and encouraging her.

Promoting her upcoming Disney+ Hotstar series “The Trial,” Kajol chatted about the evergreen onscreen chemistry she shares with Shah Rukh Khan, a duo that’s truly cherished in the world of Hindi Cinema.

Fondly reminiscing about their collaboration in the 1995 flick “Karan Arjun,” Kajol shared a heartwarming and amusing incident from the making of the foot-tapping number “Jaati Hoon Main.”

In this Rakesh Roshan-directed and produced movie, Kajol played Sonia Saxena, starring alongside Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Raakhee Gulzar, and Mamta Kulkarni, all playing pivotal roles.

But there’s more! Kajol also let us in on a charming moment involving her daughter Nysa. She expressed her wish to have a granddaughter just like herself, and you won’t believe the response she got from Nysa!

Now, let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes scoop of the “Jaati Hoon Main” song shoot. During an exciting interview with Mashable India, Kajol spilled the beans and couldn’t stop gushing about her experience, all thanks to the ever-supportive Shah Rukh Khan.

“We’ve had some belly-aching laughs, I tell you! Shah Rukh and I couldn’t stop chuckling throughout the whole thing. He was like my cheerleader, constantly egging me on, ‘Come on, finish the song, you got this!’ The dance part was a piece of cake. The real challenge was trying not to burst into fits of laughter, but there were moments where I felt I resembled those funny horses. (laughs) And he’d be like, ‘Just shush, Kajol! You’ve got this, just do it and get it done. You’ll nail it, please!’ He’s always been my biggest motivator, no doubt about that, yeah!”

Kajol’s revelation takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions, making us adore the endearing chemistry between her and Shah Rukh Khan even more. It’s no wonder they’ve remained an iconic onscreen pair that continues to bring joy to audiences even after all these years.

So, next time you watch the peppy “Jaati Hoon Main” song from “Karan Arjun,” remember the delightful camaraderie between Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan, as they danced their way into our hearts with laughter and love!

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