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Jr. NTR gets upset when he talks about his cousin Taraka Ratna’s health.

Jr. NTR went to see his cousin Taraka Ratna in the hospital in Bengaluru, where he is recovering from a massive heart attack. On Sunday, the actor flew to Bengaluru with his brother Kalyan Ram to pay a visit and send his best wishes. The RRR actor got emotional when he talked about his brother’s health.

After visiting Taraka Ratna in the hospital, Jr. NTR talked to the media about his health and got a little emotional as he did so. The actor said, “He is critical, but he is responding well to treatment, which is a good sign.” Anna should get better soon if our grandfather gives him his blessing and fans of Nandamuri pray for him. Jr. NTR also said that Taraka Ratna is stable, but not out of danger, and is responding well to treatment.

Taraka Ratna goes into cardiac arrest.
On Saturday, Narayana Hospital, where he is being treated, gave an update on his health that said he was in a critical stage. The hospital’s health bulletin says, “Shri Nandamuri Taaraka Ratna had a cardiac arrest in Kuppam on January 27.” He was taken to a hospital in Kuppam, where he was given first aid and resuscitation for 45 minutes. Doctors there said he needed to be moved to a tertiary centre because his health was so bad. At 1 am on January 28, he was driven to New Hampshire. When he got to NH, higher-level tests showed that his condition was very bad because the myocardial infarction had caused cardiogenic shock. His condition will continue to be evaluated, and he will be treated according to standard guidelines and protocols. He is being cared for by a team at NH that includes cardiologists, intensive care specialists, and other specialists in different fields. He is still in a critical state, even with the most help. In the days to come, he will continue to be carefully checked out and treated.

For those who don’t know, Taraka Ratna passed out while attending a political rally led by Nara Lokesh, the leader of the TDP. He went to a mosque to pray and suddenly fell down. He had a massive heart attack. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Kuppam to get help.

Coming movies

After RRR, Jr. NTR will be in Koratala Siva’s next movie, which is called NTR30 for now. On NTR31, his 31st project, he will also work with KGF director Prashanth Neel.

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