Javeria talks about the drumming video she made that went viral.

In Pakistani show business, Javeria Saud is a well-known name. She made her acting debut many years ago. She can act, sing, produce, and recite naats on screen and in more casual settings set up by her coworkers. She makes her own clothes, especially when she and her daughter Jannat want to match.

Now, the family flies to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and tells their audience about what’s going on in the world. People say that only the chosen ones go there because if they didn’t, many people who could pay the fare wouldn’t go there to do their holy work. Netizens tease Javeria and Saud, but the first thing keyboard warriors do is write something, whether it’s good or bad.

Saud Qasmi, Javeria’s husband, also said that people just want to say something, that they are after everyone and everything, and that we didn’t care about anything that happened in that way. We are good at what we do and will keep doing it. Check out the video of Mathira interviewing Javeria.

On a talk show hosted by Mathira, Javeria was asked about her time at Shaista’s Eid special show. She was singing her own song on stage in Congo. Javeria said it didn’t matter because we were just having fun off-air, and Shaista said no one would make a video, but even if they did, it wouldn’t be a big deal. She hasn’t done anything wrong, but people are making fun of her anyway.

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