Jannat Mirza discusses her popular Valentine’s Day Video.

Jannat Mirza has recently been in the news as a result of her divorce and a slew of sarcastic messages, including a recent Valentine’s Day film that went popular on social media. In the film, she cuts a cake while adding a witty remark. Fans were critical of her video, but she recently opened up about her breakup and her renowned Valentine’s Day greeting.

When addressing the split with Finance, she stated that it was a joint choice and not a publicity ploy because she doesn’t need any attention. She went on to state that her Valentine’s Day film was not meant for anyone in particular and was instead a copy of material made by another girl.

“We ended our partnership amicably; if things don’t work out between the two people, they should separate ways in a respectful manner, and that’s what we did,” she explained. I’m not going to speak about it.” When questioned if she is friends with Umer Butt, she declined to respond.

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