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Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter, opens up about her “anxiety episodes” in an emotional Instagram post.

Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter, recently shared a heartwarming message about her mental health and frequent anxiety.

Recently, Aamir’s daughter stole the show when she used her Instagram account to upload a photo of herself, indicating that she suffers from anxiety episodes.

“I’ve begun having anxiety episodes,” Ira said in an emotional post. I’ve experienced anxiety. And I was previously overwhelmed. Additionally, they experience weeping episodes. However, I’ve never had anxiety attacks before. It distinguishes panic from panic episodes. Anxiety vs. panic attacks.”

As far as I am aware, (anxiety episodes) have physiological manifestations. Palpitations, shortness of breath. Additionally, crying. And it grows. Slowly. It has the feel of approaching disaster. That’s how I feel. I have never had a panic attack. It’s a very awful sensation. My therapist said that if it has become habitual (in my case, I had one or two during a two-month period versus virtually every day.


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“In case somebody needs words to convey how they’re feeling and this may be of assistance,Ira added. It’s rather helpless. Because I want want to sleep (it generally occurs at night for me), but I am unable to do so because it will not stop. I make an attempt to recognise my concerns and rationalise them away. However, once it has struck you, I have not discovered a method to halt it. You’re going to have to ride it out. Thus far. That is what I have concluded. However, while it is growing, talking to Popeye and breathing have helped keep it safe from an attack.

At the very least for a couple of hours. Additionally, it depends on whether I am subsequently re-stressed by another stimulus. Variables abound in life. If you’re attempting to be aware, keep them all in mind. Maintain your composure. P.s. This is me after a lengthy shower following an assault. Showers are a sight to see. That will be discussed in more detail later. “ Therefore), I felt compelled to inform my physician/psychiatrist.

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