In the movie “36,” Meera played the main role.

USA: Popular Meera is a Pakistani actress who is making a movie about social issues in the United States.

The short film is about how women are sexually harassed. Dr. Fatima Hassan, a well-known writer, wrote the story for the movie. Arif Afzal wrote the script, and actress Meera and actor MK Shirazi played the main roles.

Meera, an actress, told the press that “36” is a good and important movie that shows what men in society look like when they sexually harass women.

She said that she was happy to be the main character in a short film made in America and that she was grateful to Arif Afzal for giving her the lead role in “36.”

She also said that it was fun to work with his team and that she hoped people would like this effort.

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