In a recent interview, Bhagyashree opens up about her life after marriage.

Bhagyashree is one of the most well-known and well-liked actresses of her age. From her childlike naivety to her endearing good looks, she was a huge hit with the audience. having the desired effect on their emotions. After her first film, Maine Pyaar Kiya, in which she acted opposite Salman Khan, the actress became a household name. However, she vanished without a trace very quickly. In a recent interview, she spoke about what it’s like to be married in a home where movies aren’t a big deal.

After settling into her new home, Bhagyashree lamented, “I got married into a family that had nothing to do with movies.” As a consequence, they had little notion of how life was outside, and while I was working, my life would literally shift the second I walked inside the home. I wouldn’t be Bhagyashree the actress anymore, and there would be so many things you’d have to do yourself, just like any other housewife, and I’d be doing everything. “

He also said that Bhagyashree felt overprotected by the Himalayas. She had to stop filming love scenes with other actors since he didn’t like her. which restricted the number of films she could work on without him. As a consequence, her personal life took precedence over her career.

Both Abhimanyu and Avantika, the children of Bhagyashree, are actors. Abhimanyu was last seen alongside Sanya Malhotra in Meenakshi Sundereshwar.

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