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Humayun Saeed Reminisces About Shah Rukh Khan’s Dream for Cross-Border Cinema

In a recent chitchat with an Indian news outlet, renowned Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed spilled the beans about the imminent Indian premiere of his highly successful TV drama “Meray Paas Tum Ho.” The show, exploring the ups and downs of love and marriage, was a mega-hit on YouTube, garnering views by the millions. Now, it’s all set to hit Indian screens via the Zindagi channel, sparking anticipation among Saeed and his fans alike.

As the conversation rolled on, Saeed reminisced about his diverse experiences. From playing Princess Diana’s love, Dr. Hasnat Khan, in the acclaimed Netflix series “The Crown” – his debut Hollywood venture, to sharing the stage with Bollywood bigwig Shah Rukh Khan, his career has been a rollercoaster ride.

Reminiscing about the good old days when India-Pakistan ties were a bit more buddy-buddy, Saeed fondly recalled performing side by side with Lollywood’s Reema Khan and Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta at the 2005 Zee Cine Awards.

Saeed shared an unforgettable heart-to-heart with Shah Rukh Khan just before the show. “SRK was as sweet as pie,” he quipped. “We were hanging out in his room and got talking about films from both sides of the border. SRK had recently seen a Mehreen Jabbar and Shaan film and had nothing but praises. He was all for releasing Pakistani films in India and vice versa.”

The chit-chat with the Bollywood megastar put Saeed at ease. When Saeed admitted to being jittery about their upcoming act due to limited practice, Shah Rukh Khan coolly replied, “I got this,” comforting his stage jitters.

By the end, Saeed was left with the impression that Shah Rukh Khan, like himself, longed for the day when the magic of Pakistani and Indian films could be shared across borders. The desire for such cultural exchange seemed to leave a profound mark on Saeed’s heart, shaping his vision for a future where borders don’t limit the reach of cinema.

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