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Ileana D’Cruz describes how she avoids photographers and the culture of the paparazzi.

In a recent interview, Ileana D’Cruz was asked about “her disappearing act,” to which she responded that she “hated” when such comments were made about her. Ileana asserted that she had not “disappeared” and that she was still present; however, unlike many other celebrities, she was not continually photographed. Ileana explained why she does not subscribe to the “paparazzi lifestyle.”

Ileana has reportedly taken a break from acting to date Sebastian Kaif, the younger brother of Katrina Kaif. Abhishek Bachchan directed her most recent role in The Great Bull (2021). However, the actress frequently posts images from her endeavours and vacations on social media. In a recent interview, she discussed working on multiple projects without being “papped” and “doing it very discretely with her head down.”

Ileana told The Times of India, in response to a question about “her disappearing act,” “I despise when people believe that! I don’t disappear! I am present right now. I do not divulge my whereabouts, so you will not see me being photographed. I’ve experienced Pap culture in the past, but I soon realised it wasn’t for me. I do not identify with that, and I believe that being unique is perfectly permissible. I have completed a large amount of outstanding work that I have been producing. Certainly, I have been working diligently, albeit in silence and with my head bowed.

Ileana also discussed whether she fears that filmmakers may overlook her outside of red carpet appearances and film events. She added that I would be untruthful if I responded, “Well, I don’t think about it.” Undoubtedly, I do. I even attempted it. I attempted public relations because I felt I needed to be more visible. Nonetheless, I did not observe any significant change. Everything hinges on your interpersonal relationship with others (filmmakers). Directors and producers prefer to learn more about their actors. I appreciate networking with individuals who share my passions and with whom I hope to collaborate. I have travelled in this direction.

My work takes priority while I’m performing it, but when I’m finished, I relax and spend time with my family. I believe that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential because I cannot work nonstop.

Ileana made her Bollywood debut in 2012 alongside Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor in the film Barfi. She subsequently appeared in films such as Rustom, Main Tera Hero, and Phata Poster Nikla Hero. She will shortly be seen in Tera Kya Hoga Beautiful opposite Randeep Hooda.

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