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I want my daughter’s personality not to be like Alia: Ranbir

Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor says that he wants his daughter Raha not to become like her mother Alia.

These days, Ranbir Kapoor is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘To Jhuti Mein Makar’, during which the actor spoke about the birth of his daughter and the changes in life after that.

While talking to the Indian media, Ranbir said that Raha’s looks are similar to Alia’s but he wants Raha’s personality to be like his.

Addressing Alia, Ranbir said I want Raha to look as cute as Alia but I want her personality to be like mine and not like Alia’s because I can’t stand two people alike.

Explaining his point, Ranbir said that Aaliya is very aggressive, but she is also very talkative and lively, if there are two like her in my house, it will be a difficult phase for me, so I wish Raha is calm like me. And be calm so that both Aalia and I can manage Raha together.

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