Humayun Saeed would like to make a movie like Marriage Story, which is on Netflix.

Humayun Saeed, an actor, says that he wants to make a Netflix movie like Marriage Story. The Londoner Nahi Jaunga wants to “push the envelope” of Pakistani film with a strange project.

Humayun Saeed is one of the most well-known actors in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. The actor has become well-known over the years thanks to a number of successful movies, such as the new one, London Nahi Jaunga.

The actor is currently helping Pakistani movies come back to life by making movies that do well at the box office. He recently gave an interview to a news outlet and said that he wanted to help Pakistani movies get better.

Humayun Saeed says, “I’d love to back a project that pushes the limits, like [Netflix’s] Marriage Story, but right now I’m concentrating on feel-good commercial cinema because that’s the only way to get the industry back on its feet.”

The 51-year-old runs his own production company and wants to make movies that are different from the romantic comedies, dramas, and action movies that people in Pakistan usually watch.

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