Humayoun Ashraf speaks about his return after the showbiz industry’s storyline

Humayoun Ashraf is a long-standing history in the world of theatre. He is one of the actors who made it happen independently without the assistance of an Godfather or inside contacts. He has been in wide variety of roles and dramas. Humayoun excels in each role because he is an excellent actor that can bring life to the most dull of characters.

Before we began to see him in the screen again and again during dramas, the actor was off the screen for a while. Humayoun Ashraf has revealed that the actor was the victim of an alleged plot in this industry. Nobody is your friend at this point, he added If you see someone being friendly with you, it’s usually due to a need for favor or are trying to make use of you. When the use is done and they’ll be able to get rid of you.

In his interview on The G Sarkar, Humayoun was asked about his tendency to portray mostly negative characters. In response, he stated that although he mostly played positively-themed roles, the less-than-positive roles attracted more interest. In addition, he claimed that he had been a victim of industry conspiracy theories and when he was approached for another role and again, he could not decline it, and was required to portray a character he was not comfortable with. In the end, that show became a huge hit.

Humayoun received lots in praise from the audience for his performance as a character in Rang Mahal. His latest performance in Mushkil made everyone smiling.

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