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‘Herapheri 3’ director Farhad Simji broke his silence on trolling

Indian filmmaker Farhad Simji has given his response to the demand to remove him from the direction of ‘Herapheri 3’.

With the announcement of the film ‘Herapheri 3’, social media users demanded the famous comedy franchise to remove Farhad Simji from directing the film.

Consumers said that Farhad Samji does not have a good script and uses ordinary type of comedy and punch lines in the film.
In a recent interview, Farhad Simji commented on social media criticism and said that there is no official announcement about the film yet, so who are the critics?

He added that we try hard to do the best work, if there is any problem, we also improve it in other films with good scripts.

He said that our aim in the film is to entertain all types of viewers and a film is a mix of romance, drama, action and comedy.

“I made Housefull 4 and Bhol Bhalyan 2 and they were hits at the box office,” said Farhad Simji.

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