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Harish Roy, KGF actor, has throat cancer. His condition is getting worse

Mumbai: Harish Roy, the actor in the well-known film “KGF”, says that he wore his beard in the film to conceal his throat cancer.

According to Indian media reports, Harish Roy, a Kannada film actor, revealed that he had throat cancer and wore a beard in order to conceal the swelling.

He also said that the delay in having surgery performed on him has made his condition worse.

During an interview with Indian media, the Kannada actor openedly discussed his illness. He said that fate is a constant force for good and bad.

Actor Michael J. Fox stated that he had been suffering from cancer for three years. This explained the delay in having the surgery.

He stated that I had stopped my surgery because I didn’t have the money. I waited for the films to be released, and now the disease is in its fourth stage.

Harish stated that I had also recorded a short video to solicit help from people in the film industry and fans, but couldn’t bear to upload it.

Remember that KGF Chapter 2 is the most successful Indian film ever made. It grossed more than 1200 crores at box office, and was very popular around the globe.

Harish Roy, a Kannada actor, played Qasim Chachacha in both Prashant Neel films. However, he is now seeking treatment for cancer.

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