Hareem Shah discusses the controversy surrounding her leaked recordings.

The leaked recordings of Hareem Shah quickly became popular on social media. She has stated that Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz made my video public, and she has confirmed that the videos published are hers. She stated that they both took these recordings with my smartphone. No other parties have obtained access to the recordings. Shah explained that these are private recordings of mine.

Hareem Shah stated that she has no enmity towards anyone and indicated her intention to sue those responsible for the video leaks as well as approach the FIA. Recall that Hareem Shah only recently got married. Shah stated in an interview that Bilal Shah

Hareem Shah recounted how he met Bilal Shah by accident at an event in Karachi in a podcast conversation with Nadir Ali. We became close friends from that point on. He was the one who first asked me out. She went on to state that I liked him as a buddy, so when he proposed to me, I was surprised and thought he was joking.

Hareem Shah claimed that after proposing, he requested Bilal Shah to bring his parents to my home to settle the formalities. According to Hareem Shah, the union was then approved by the family. He stated that a lot of people have negative opinions and that I don’t pay heed to trolling because a lot of people have negative opinions.

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