Hamayun Saeed’s heartfelt birthday wish for his sister-in-law wins over fans’ admiration

Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed is loved by millions of fans for his performances in television and film. He is happily married to Samina Humayun Saeed, and holds a special place in his heart for her family as well. Recently, he posted a heartfelt message for his sister-in-law, Sana Shahnawaz, on her birthday, referring to her as the sunshine and light of their house, and declaring her as his daughter.

Samina also expressed her love and pride for her younger sister on her special day, and Sana is treated like a daughter by both Samina and Humayun. Sana accompanies the couple on all their trips, both local and international.

Fans were touched by Humayun’s emotional birthday post for his sister-in-law, and many left comments expressing their admiration for the way he treats her like his own daughter. However, some fans were confused and mistook Sana as Humayun’s actual daughter.

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