Getting married is better than having a girlfriend, confirms Shimoun Abbasi’s fourth marriage

Karachi: Pakistan showbiz actor Shamoon Abbasi has confirmed his marriage with co-star Sheri Shah.

This week, on social media, actress Sheri Shah congratulated Shimoun Abbasi on his birthday and revealed that he is her husband.

However, now Shamoon Abbasi has also confirmed the news of marriage with Sheree Shah on social media and revealed that their marriage took place 4 years ago which was kept secret.

Sharing a picture with his wife Sheree Shah on social media, Shamoon wrote in the caption that marriage before Allah is better than keeping a girl as a girlfriend. He wrote that he is proud to be remarried because he always wanted a life of peace and he finally found it.

Shamoon Abbasi revealed that the fact is that I and Sheree Shah got married 4 years ago but never shared the news due to the toxicity of social media.

“Now that the news is out, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent prayers for both of us after reading our wedding post,” he added.

Shimoun Abbasi took the critics by storm and wrote, “I know many people will want to make fun of this news and troll it but I think haters gonna hate. We don’t care.”

It should be remembered that this is Shimoon Abbasi’s fourth marriage while Sheree Shah’s second marriage. Shimoon was previously married to Hamaima Malik and Jawaria Abbasi in the past, but later they separated.

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