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Gauri Khan’s Career Launched with the Help of ‘Mannat,’ Reveals SRK

Gauri Khan’s Career Launched by SRK’s Dream House ‘Mannat’

During a heartfelt interview, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) opened up about his emotional journey of purchasing his iconic bungalow, Mannat, and revealed how it played a significant role in kickstarting his wife Gauri Khan’s career as an interior designer.

SRK expressed his deep attachment to Mannat, describing it as his dream house. He acknowledged that initially, he couldn’t afford it, but he somehow managed to make it his own.

He shared, “When we bought Mannat, it was way beyond our means. Coming from Delhi, we were used to living in bungalows, but in Mumbai, apartments are even more expensive. We gathered whatever money we could and finally bought this bungalow.”

SRK also mentioned that at the time of purchase, they didn’t have enough funds to hire a professional designer. The quotes they received were way beyond his salary. It was then that he turned to Gauri and asked her to take charge of the design.

He reminisced, “That’s how the journey started. We built the house by gradually buying all the necessary things. It took time, but we did it.”

The decision proved to be a turning point for Gauri’s career as well. Designing Mannat at a young age provided her with invaluable experience and learning opportunities. SRK expressed his gratitude, stating that he now has the privilege of not having to look for another designer. They share a clear vision for their home, desiring a clean and pleasant environment.

SRK’s heartfelt account reflects the deep connection he and Gauri have with Mannat, a place that holds special significance in their lives and symbolizes their journey together.

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