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For Hera Pheri 3, Suniel Shetty is thrilled to “get back on the Akshay Kumar set.”

Suniel Shetty has voiced his gratitude for the fact that Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar will now begin working on Hera Pheri as well. Recently, videos of Akshay filming alongside Paresh and Suniel surfaced online, but it was later revealed that he had only been filming for the movie’s teaser. Akshay announced last year that he wouldn’t be taking part in the forthcoming episode of the popular comedy series.

Suniel recently wrote a lengthy social media post outlining how choices made during the filmmaking process frequently have less to do with the actors and other creatives involved and more to do with the business of filmmaking.

So it’s so, then this is that’so, then this is that’so, then this is that’so anticipating returning to the set with Pareshji and Akki, according to Suniel on Linkedin (Akshay). Even though it took some time, as with many positive things, it’s a relief to have the answer to this question at last! Despite the fact that movies are so important to our culture, very few people are conscious of how they are created. The movie industry faces comparable challenges to other industries due to its needs and financial strategy, in addition to creative challenges.

He went on to state that business and finance play a big part in the making of a movie. Every company needs a strong concept, in-depth market analysis, an excellent business plan, a competent team, prompt financing, and a wide distribution network in order to succeed. There aren’t many differences in the movie business. To attempt to explain the complete film industry here would be overly simplistic. Let’s just say that a good script, a stellar ensemble, and a skilled director are really just the beginning. Additionally, there is movie money. Studios or production firms typically invest their own funds. Their teams assess a project’s viability before deciding on a price.

He explained that some high-budget films are financed through pre-sales and distribution contracts, in which the film’s distribution rights are sold in advance to distributors and/or streaming services. Similar to the startup world, the size of the film as well as the connections and resources available to the producers and investors involved all impact access to funding. Another essential aspect of the film industry is distribution. The top tier of the procedure is made up of producers, distributors, and exhibitors.

Suniel has written widely about the monetization of movies and has addressed a variety of subjects, such as marketing, TV, OTT, and music rights.

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