Feroze Khan asks Miftah Ismail what he meant by what he said.

On his Instagram stories, Feroze Khan asked FM Miftah Ismail about the rise in gas prices. Miftah Ismail’s jokes about inflation shocked Khan.

The Finance Minister recently said that when he’s on TV, people rush to fill up their cars. The hero of Khaani thinks the politician’s jokes are cruel, so he threatens to send him to hell.

On Saturday, Khawaja Asif sent out a tweet showing support for Ismail. He also said that people in the PML-N were putting pressure on Ismail to raise gas prices.

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 star’s smile was praised by a fan. Feroze answered, “Where do these sayings come from?”

Tabish Hashmi talked about his crazy fans on his show TBH (To Be Honest). The Khaani star recently replied to a mean photo comment from a troll.

The Dil Tera Hogaya actor said, “I was going to the bathroom with my team, and they were taking me there.” When I got there, I sent my team back and went to the bathroom by myself. When I came out, I heard someone walking behind me, and when I turned around, I saw the girl’s face that I had been watching for many months. I already remembered her face because I saw her a lot on my sets, where she would just come and watch me. “

Feroze said, “I asked her, “Yes,” and she said she needed his phone number.” She grabbed him by the collar and asked for it. I gave her my uncle’s number because I was in a strange situation and didn’t know how someone could be so pushy for a number.

“Then my uncle called me and said that someone had asked about me and asked about me. Feroze said that the next day, he called and said, “Please fix this, it’s getting out of hand, and she’s begging me for your number.”

Feroze enjoys the praise of his followers, but their loyalty puts them in danger.

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