Faysal Qureshi explains why he quit the TikTok show.

On Khush Raho Pakistan, entertainment star Faysal Qureshi talks with TikTokers about his well-known “chapeau” episode. He also explains why he quit the popular game show.

He is one of the Pakistani entertainment industry’s most popular actors. After giving great performances on TV and in movies, he is now a well-known name.

Faysal Qureshi has done both acting and hosting TV shows in the past. The well-known game show Khush Raho Pakistan was hosted by an experienced actor and a few TikTokers. The actor left the show, though, after a video went viral of him yelling at one of the TikTokers (Muskaan) for slapping a boy on live TV.

On Junaid Akram’s podcast, the former game show host finally talks about what happened.

“I left the show because I went crazy during Ramadan,” Faysal says, referring to the incident.

Faysal says that the kids on TikTok were worried about his choice. Faysal Qureshi says that the kids look up to him and that he loves them. He does think, though, that there are some things that shouldn’t “go on air.”

Junaid Akram asked Faysal if the chapair (slaps) were real, and Faysal said that they were definitely real.

“I was afraid of what would happen if that boy hit her back, so I stepped in and yelled,” Faysal said.

What do you think about Faysal Qureshi’s decision to quit the game show TikTokers?

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