Fans, Faysal Quraishi has bad news!

Faysal Quraishi recently updated his fans on his career, which may surprise and disappoint them.

The actor from Muqaddar has been making his own work for a long time. In his next movie, “Sorry, a Love Story,” Sonya Hussyn and famous R&B singer Khalid Malik were supposed to star. The project has been put on hold for now, though.

“It hurts me a lot to say this, and it hurts Sohail Javed even more because this was his baby project.” Here we are officially announcing that we won’t be making the movie “Sorry, a Love Story.” I want to thank all of my friends who always helped me with this, but now we won’t be making this movie.

The actor from “Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon” put to rest rumours and theories about his relationship with Sohail Javed.

“Sohail and I are good friends and have a lot in common.”

Faysal Quraishi went on to say that some people were against making the movie. giving more information about all the movie conspiracies.

But the actor/producer said that the movie was put on hold because of a number of other problems, circumstances, and things to think about. He also said that the market had changed after COVID, which is why they decided to put the movie on hold.

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