“Fans prayed for the marriage of Sami and me at the shrine”, Fiza Ali told an interesting story

Pakistan’s former supermodel, actress and host Fiza Ali has told about an interesting incident that happened during the filming of a drama.

Recently Fiza Ali participated in Pakistan Television’s Ramadan transmission hosted by actors Sami Khan and Jagan Kazim.

As soon as the hosts introduced Fiza, the actress immediately narrated a funny story from her past.

The actress said that ‘once we went to a shrine behind the Data Darbar for shooting, there people started tying threads and praying that my and Sami’s characters would get married’.

Fiza said that ‘I saw and said that my brother is married in my place and Sami is also married in reality’.

The actress said, ‘People started saying no, we don’t know, you have to marry him, even if he is a goon in the play, he is not a good man, but you will marry him, I said Chal Kiya Raha Hai. People started tying threads in front of us’.

Fiza added, ‘I told Sami that either I see my marriage getting ruined or your marriage will get ruined, after that this is what happened.

After listening to the actress, Jagan Kazim said ‘Thank God and may God keep Sami’s marriage intact, some people are very happy with their marriage and Sami is one of them’.

It should be noted that Fiza Ali married Fawad Farooq in 2007 and they both have a daughter, later they got divorced.

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