Eshal fayyaz’s Facebook Account Hacked, Sharing Inappropriate Content

Pakistani actress Eshal Fayyaz has fallen victim to a Facebook hacking incident, where unidentified individuals gained unauthorized access to her account and proceeded to share explicit adult videos.

The renowned star took to Instagram to inform her followers about the distressing situation, expressing her team’s efforts to work with Facebook in order to resolve the issue promptly.

Eshal’s official Facebook page, boasting a substantial following of nearly half a million users, recently witnessed a surge of spam links and the dissemination of adult content. The identity of the hackers remains unknown at this time.

In an Instagram story, Eshal shared, “Hey Everyone, my official Facebook page has been hacked and taken over. The hackers are sharing absolutely shameless content, and I am unable to regain control of it.”

Eshal Fayyaz has made a name for herself in the Pakistani entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her performances in various projects. Notably, she received acclaim for her role in the drama series “Bebasi,” alongside fellow actors Alizeh Shah and Ali Rehman Khan.

The hacking incident serves as a reminder of the security risks and challenges faced by celebrities and public figures in maintaining control over their online platforms. Eshal and her team are actively working to rectify the situation and regain control of her compromised Facebook account.

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