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During a difficult drive, Anil allegedly tried to comfort the woman by grasping her hand.

A recent passenger on a plane who got along well with Anil Kapoor has talked extensively about what happened. On LinkedIn, businesswoman Shikha Mittal posted a selfie with Anil and wrote a lengthy essay about how he held her hand during turbulence on their trip.

Even though Shikha, the creator of Be.artsy and a few other businesses, normally steers clear of taking pictures with famous people, she said meeting Anil was unforgettable. As soon as the plane took off, the luggage box above her opened and started flapping, which is how they started conversing. The flight started to get irregular right after takeoff. I’ve never been comfortable flying. My current medical condition as a result of vaccination and COVID caused me to be more anxious in 2022.(cause unknown). I continued to rest my palm in the area between the two seats as my fellow traveller grasped my hand and muttered, “Hey, it’s okay.” Describe yourself. “Let’s talk,”

Shikha asserted that she was oblivious to the flight’s end because they had been talking and making jokes for the entire two hours. “A lot of people will tell you that anxiety is bad, but today because of your anxiety we both got the chance to talk and laugh, and now maybe you can treat me to a coffee in Delhi,” Anil Ji said once it arrived.He hugged me and yelled, “Shikha!” “Bye!” said the Mittals as we drove away.

In addition, she enumerated all the other topics they discussed, saying, “1. We talked about anxiety.” 2. He asked what I did, and as a result of that, we discussed will-writing, retirement plans, and financial preparation. 3. We discussed the films he plans to see each year. 4. We talked about Madhuri and Sri Devi. 5. We talked about the beloved but not-so-successful movie Lamhe. 6. We discussed ordinary people and extraordinary people. 7. We compared coincidence and good fortune. 8. We discussed the cost of homes in Mumbai. 9. We talked about working out. 10. We discussed our shared love of coffee.

Anil Kapoor, one of the most well-known Bollywood performers of the 1990s, is still putting out high-caliber work in both films and television. His new online series, The Night Manager, will be made available.

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