Dipika Kakar’s Post-Baby Health: Sensitivity & Scar Concerns

Hey there, folks! It’s time to dive into the wonderful journey of celebrity couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar as they embrace parenthood with open arms since June 21. You know, it wasn’t an easy ride for Dipika, who had to undergo an emergency C-section delivery, and little Ruhaan spent some time in the NICU before joining the family. But guess what? On July 15, they revealed the cutie pie’s name in a joyous celebration – Ruhaan!

Now, let’s get into the real talk! In a heartwarming vlog, the brand-new mom Dipika Kakar opened up about her post-partum health, giving us the scoop on her journey after bringing little Ruhaan into the world. She’s been taking top-notch care of herself, especially while nursing, to stay strong during this significant phase. But you know, she did mention experiencing some sensitivity on her stomach and the uterus’s skin due to the contracting uterus returning to its original size. Those healing stitches from the C-section added to her scar sensitivity too! But you know what’s amazing? Dipika emphasized that she’s feeling little to no pain at all. That’s true resilience right there!

Now, here’s a pro tip for all the mamas out there who’ve had a C-section – Dipika showcased a wire-free belt she rocks around her waist as per her doctor’s advice. She’s been wearing it since just a week after delivery while still in the hospital. And guess what? This belt is a total game-changer for C-section mamas, providing that crucial support to the stomach and aiding in the recovery process. It keeps the tummy from hanging down and helps with toning it back into shape. You know, it’s no walk in the park to get back in shape after giving birth, but this belt sure makes it less challenging!

Speaking of walks, Dipika’s doctor advised her to start strolling again, and she’s been doing just that – 30 minutes a day, right at home. But she’s not stopping there; she’s planning to ramp it up with a treadmill to get those walking vibes going strong. And hey, for her well-being and little Ruhaan’s, Dipika’s added ‘ajwain water’ to her diet, along with some dry fruits and oats. Yum!

Now, let me tell you something heartwarming – Dipika’s adjusted her schedule according to Ruhaan’s sleep patterns to make sure both their needs are met. Motherhood, right? It’s all about balancing and juggling, and Dipika’s acing it with a big smile on her face.

Oh, and you know what’s pretty awesome? Even though Dipika’s on a career break, she’s still actively keeping her fans in the loop through her YouTube channel. She’s sharing her journey and experiences, and fans can’t get enough of it!

So, folks, there you have it! Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are beaming with happiness as they embark on this beautiful parenthood journey, savoring every single moment with their adorable bundle of joy, Ruhaan. We’re all eagerly waiting for more updates from Dipika as she continues sharing her incredible journey on her YouTube channel. Keep shining, Dipika!

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