Celebrities Including Anoushey Ashraf Pay Tribute to the Late Designer Nickie Nazir

Fashion Industry Mourns the Loss of Renowned Designer Nickie Nazir

The fashion world is in mourning as the news of designer Aliya ‘Nickie’ Nazir’s untimely passing spreads. A prominent figure in the fashion industry, Aliya, along with her partner Nabila Junaid (Nina), formed the esteemed duo known as Nickie Nina. Her departure leaves a void in the industry, as she was not only a talented designer but also a visionary who championed women’s empowerment in the field.

The heartbreaking news was shared by insiders within the fashion community. Raheel Rao, an editor and publisher, paid tribute to Aliya on his Instagram, reminiscing about their cherished friendship and the profound impact she had on his life. The memories they shared together will forever hold a special place in his heart, and her absence will be deeply felt. Frieha Altaf, a renowned PR maven, also expressed her sorrow and shared heartfelt memories of their time together in Chitral, Mastuj, and Shandur.

The industry as a whole is grieving the loss of their beloved friend. Actor Anoushey Ashraf, through her Instagram Stories, celebrated Aliya’s vibrant life and expressed her deep admiration for her. Many others, including Sami Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi, Areeba Habib, and various prominent figures in the fashion world, offered their prayers and condolences, honoring the legacy Aliya leaves behind.

Nickie Nina, the fashion house Aliya co-founded with Nina, gained international recognition for its exquisite couture designs and innovative creations. Their collaboration challenged norms and paved the way for women designers in a male-dominated industry, leaving a lasting impact on Pakistani fashion.

Aliya ‘Nickie’ Nazir’s contributions to the fashion industry will be remembered and cherished. Her talent, vision, and dedication to empowering women have left an indelible mark, inspiring future generations of designers to follow in her footsteps. The loss of this remarkable designer is deeply felt by all who knew her and admired her work.

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