Box Office:SS Rajamouli’s RRR Earns a Massive Rs. 200 Crores

RRR Earns a Massive Rs. 200 Crores in India’s Second Week SS Rajamouli’s RRR Earns a Massive Rs. 200 Crores in India’s Second Week

At the Indian box office, RRR earned around Rs. 237 crores in its second week, bringing its total to Rs. 756 crores. Only thirteen films in India have grossed more than Rs. 200 crores in their first week, and this film has done so in its second week. The second week’s earnings were behind Baahubali 2, which grossed Rs. 344 crores in its second week. The decline from the first week is an astounding 54%, although excluding Friday, the drop is just 48%. The Hindi version had the strongest hold, at just 43%, followed by Tamil Nadu at roughly 50%. Earlier on Tuesday, the film became the second in India to gross over Rs. 700 crores and is expected to surpass Rs. 800 crores on Sunday.

RRR grossed the following amounts at the Indian box office:

One  Week – Rs. 519 crores

2nd Friday – Rs. 37.50 crores
2nd Saturday – Rs. 63 crores
2nd Sunday – Rs. 62 crores
2nd Monday – Rs. 22.50 crores
2nd Tuesday – Rs. 21.50 crores
2nd Wednesday – Rs. 16 crores
2nd Thursday – Rs. 14.50crores

Total – Rs. 756 crores

In the second week, the movie’s trend was about the same as in the first week, which saw big drops on weekdays. It dropped in the Telugu states on Wednesday because of a holiday on Tuesday. Thursday’s business was mostly the same as it had been on Thursday. The third week doesn’t have a lot of new movies to choose from. Ghani in Telugu and Fantastic Beasts 3 in English are the only big new releases that people will be interested in seeing. Competition from KGF Chapter 2, Beast, and Jersey will arrive on April 13/14. The film should be around Rs. 850 crores by then, and how well it does against the competition will determine whether it goes over Rs. 900 crores or is close to that amount.

The following is how RRR did at the Indian box office:

Nizam – Rs. 141.50 crores (Rs. 87.25 crores share)
Ceeded – Rs. 55.75 crores (Rs. 42.25 crores share)
Andhra – Rs. 144.25 crores (Rs. 90.50 crores share)
AP/TS – Rs. 341.50 crores (Rs. 220 crores share)
Karnataka – Rs. 75.50 crores (Rs. 40 crores share)
Tamil Nadu – Rs. 68 crores (Rs. 34 crores share)
Kerala – Rs. 24 crores (Rs. 10 crores share)
North India – Rs. 247 crores (Rs. 104 crores share)
Total – Rs. 756 crores (Rs. 408 crores share)

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