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Bollywood’s famous mama-nephew pair split

Bollywood’s famous mama-nephew pair split
Mumbai: Govinda will not attend his cousin’s birthday party due to controversial news about comedy circus star Krishna Abhishek.

Krishna is Govinda’s nephew and this mama-nephew duo is quite famous in Bollywood. The family became embroiled in controversy when Krishna’s girlfriend Kashmira Shah tweeted about how Krishna dances for money at weddings. This move may have offended Krishna’s Mama Govinda and Mamani Sunita Ahuja.

Govinda’s cousin, who is also Krishna’s stepmother (Abhishek’s real mother has passed away), is going to celebrate her 66th birthday.
When asked if Govinda would come for his birthday, he replied that he probably would not come because we have not talked since the dispute arose. But I want everyone to share in my happiness. Sadly, they are all separated. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day!

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