Ayesha Omar flaunts her fitness in latest Instagram reel

Ayesha Omar, the multitalented actress, model, and singer in Pakistan, is also a fitness enthusiast and frequently demonstrates her prowess as a gym queen. With Ramadan underway, the actress is using her social media platform to encourage a healthy lifestyle amid the emphasis on lavish Iftaar and Suhoor meals.

In her latest Instagram reel, Ayesha Omar can be seen hitting the gym with her friend Mishaal Kazi, and working out to a mix of The Weeknd’s song by Adriatique. The actress captioned the reel with a message for her fans to continue working out during Ramadan, stating that their bodies must have already adjusted to time-restricted eating by now.

The full-body workout circuit demonstrated in the reel is easy to follow, with 10-12 repetitions for each exercise and three sets of the circuit. Ayesha also advises her fans to stay hydrated and have fun while staying focused.

Ayesha Omar also took the opportunity to promote her gym wear from IronGear Fitness, emphasizing that the post was not paid or endorsed, but rather, it was their way of sharing their fitness knowledge with their Instagram followers.

At 41 years old, Ayesha Omar is the epitome of beauty with brains and a role model for a healthy lifestyle in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

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