Ayesha Omar and Ahsan Khan make a video that gets a lot of backlash.

Ayesha Omar, an actor, recently posted a video online of her riding a horse while filming the movie Rehbra, which also stars Ahsan Khan. People started saying that the couple’s position was sexually suggestive after the video went viral.

Later, the caption was changed to include a comment that was made just for people who didn’t like it.

She wrote in the post’s caption, “P.S. comments are off! I don’t want to be around bad energy. We’re just doing our jobs, baby, and we’re keeping our energy, mood, and focus up by laughing through the hard, tough shoot. We hadn’t slept well in days because of all the shooting, and it was cold and raining. We only had 30 minutes to finish everything. We still do our best and smile while we do it. This is NOT easy. “

Both people responded quickly on their own profiles, and Omar added a short comment to the description of the post she shared.

In the note, Omar talks about what was going on in the clip and how the group kept their spirits up even though it was hard to shoot. She ends her note by putting an end to all the false rumours that she was dating Khan.

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