Atif Aslam’s hairstyle of his spouse Sara has drawn criticism from the public.

One of the very few people who aren’t slammed or mocked by the general populace can be Atif Aslam. The public loves the singer for her music, his captivating voice, and most recently, his acting in addition to his ability to avoid unnecessary public scrutiny and controversy. public. While Atif Aslam isn’t a well-known person who often blog about his life, his fans love his posts of his family or his wife at their birthdays and anniversaries. People love watching Atif Aslam as well as his partner Sara Bharwana together since they are such a wonderful couple.

Sara Bharwana works as a stylist for her husband, a well-known actor who she styled in the PSL music video Aagay Dekh.

Atif Thane thanked Sara for her styling in 2022 for the Hum Awards in the following manner:

Atif had the formal black suit, an unpretentious man’s haircut, and fake ears with piercings. He praised his wife’s suggestions and style.

The fans, however, have a lot of opinions and they didn’t seem to appreciate Atif’s style of dress too often. When Atif’s story was published, many of them posted humorous remarks. Everyone is in agreement that you should comply with your wife’s commands:

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