Atif Aslam and his wife travel to New Zealand for a vacation.

Summer begs for an entertaining vacation.These days, it is common to see celebrities travelling and enjoying the summer in various areas. Atif Aslam, one of our very own musical talents, accompanied his wife, Sara Bharwana, to New Zealand to blow off steam.

Atif Aslam and Sarah Bharwana, one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, occasionally offer their admirers major relationship goals. They are one of the most attractive couples in town. Numerous followers cherish a special place in their hearts for their passionate chemistry. Atif Aslam is the cinematic equivalent of all things romantic, from performing songs to sharing romantic moments.

The sexiest celebrity couple routinely express their eternal love for one another via their social media profiles. They make every effort to establish a few objectives for their fans. The Aadat musician never misses an occasion to express his love for his woman.

Recently, he posted pictures from their trip to New Zealand on Instagram with the sweet message, “Kaisay btayen Kion tujko chahein yara bta na payen.”

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