As seen in a picture, Iqra Aziz is gushing about her spouse, Yasir Hussain.

It is not unusual for Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz to post a heartfelt greeting to her husband, Yasir Hussain, on social media.

Raqeeb Se’s heroine is missing him dearly as her husband is in Berlin for the Javed Iqbal premiere.

Iqra has given Yasir a beautiful photo and a heartfelt text, all the while Yasir is wallowing in the glory of his serial killer novel’s popularity in another country.

“To the love of my life and father of my son!” read the caption on a throwback photo of Suno Chanda and Yasir. Let me express how much I adore and miss you. It’s time you came back. “

Fans of Aziz have been charmed by the genuineness with which she has shown her love for her husband, who is currently away.

Contrarily, the post’s comments area was flooded with messages of support and encouragement for the happy pair.

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